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Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40_0801The Veggie Planner iPad app is a personal trainer for vegetable gardeners. Using the app, you’ll know what to plant when, what to do today, what’s going to happen tomorrow, and when you will be harvesting food you grew yourself.


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The Veggie Planner has planting guides for the most important home garden vegetable varieties – including heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins and carrots, through to lettuce, potato and corn. You not only track when they are planted and when to harvest, but the garden app guides to through the growing seasons, with tasks and reminders, that are plugged in to smart weather updates for your location.

Whether you have balcony pots through to suburban plots, you can organise your garden’s information and tasks, and see what’s going on in the garden at a glance, with this useful and beautiful garden app.

Extra Features in the iPad App

There is in-app subscription allowing you to enter garden plots into the app. From here you can use interactive companion planting and crop rotation information and watch a map representation of your garden grow! We have also added journal/notes functionality and perennial trees.

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Best bits in the iPad App;

  • What to plant when for your local area.
  • Smart task manager that takes local weather into account
  • Cloud data backup
  • Forecast and schedule your harvest.
  • Local weather designed for gardeners with smart alerts
  • Timelines for important tasks – like watering, fertilise, trellis, and harvest.
  • Beautiful and clear imagery and navigation.
  • Focused, simple, seasonal management of your gardening.
  • Moonplanting
  • Garden Diary

In-app Subscription Bits in the iPad app;

  • See your garden plots as a map
  • Interactive companion planting and crop rotation data
  • Garden journal
  • Perennial trees

The Veggie Planner is a great garden app for beginners. The Veggie Planner suggests what to plant now in your location, notifies you when it’s time to do important garden tasks, taking weather into account, and shows you forecasts of when your vegetables will be ready to harvest. Experienced gardeners use The Veggie Planner to schedule and track successive plantings to plan for long, productive harvests.

The Veggie Planner helps you grow your own food – sustainably – and helps you learn from your garden. Your iPad thumb grows greener every day.

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